Welcome to TradingComputerSystem.com!  We offer three complete day trading computers.  Each system comes with everything you need to get a multiple monitor computer up and running right out of the box.  Every system we have is Plug-n-Trade.

Dual Monitor System Four Monitor System Six Monitor System

Dual Monitor Trading System

Four Monitor Trading System

Six Monitor Trading System

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What is a Trading Computer?

A trading computer is a high powered computer capable of processing vast amounts of “tick data”.  Multi Monitor systems are typically used to display graphs, browsers, trading platforms, news feeds, and more.  While any PC can be a trading computer, most stock market professionals and day traders use more advanced and higher end products with a quicker processor, increased memory, and multiple monitors.
We at trading computer systems are here to provide high end computers to day traders.  We have custom designed three systems to meet the needs of many types of day traders, from the casual to the professional.  Each system includes a fully customized computer, multiple LCD monitors, a special multi monitor stand, and extra peripherals.  This was setup to remove the myriad of confusing choices that exist when a day trader is looking for a computer specifically targeted towards trading stocks.  There are no worries about monitors, video cards, power supplies or interoperability.  Our systems are Plug-n-Trade.