Free System Upgrades

To those have been ordering, thanks for your patience!

We have made many free improvements to the systems, from liquid cooling, to insanely powerful GPUs…  So if you decide to quit trading and be a pro-gamer – you will be covered!  These new GPUs have the ability to be linked to allow for some seriously intense GPU based acceleration. So for those writing their own GPU boosted HFT programs or those mining for Crypto currency, enjoy!

Day Trading Computers are Selling!

So we have gotten off to a great start and it’s all thanks to you!  Our traffic has gone through the roof and sales are picking up, so please help us by linking to us for terms like day trading computers or trading computer.  We appreciate all the support so please keep helping us out!!! Thank you so much and we are going to update soon with some day trading advice!

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Survey: What makes you want to Buy a Trading Computer System?

What makes you want to Buy a Trading Computer System? And what is the most important component in your decision on buying a day trading computer? Please answer in the comments or use our contact form!

Let’s Get Started

Hello fellow Traders!  We are officially announcing that Trading Computer Systems is up and running!  We are pleased to announce for three systems that are currently available Dual Monitor Day Trading Computer System, Four Monitor Day Trading Computer System, and Six Monitor Day Trading Computer System.  Each system was hand designed by day traders and computer professionals to give you the speed, performance, and tools you need to be a successful professional!  Every single system we sale is an entire trading platform in a box: computer, monitors, stands, and extras all included.  We have worked very hard cutting deals with suppliers to beat the prices of our competitors and give you better end product!