Four Monitor SystemYou’ve probably seen multiple monitor setups that take up 5 feet of desk space.  Our Four Monitor Day Trading Computer will only take up a small amount of desk space while still giving you 4x the viewing power.  This system will allow easy viewing of multiple graphs, trading platforms, and browser windows. More information = More power = More money.  Everything you need comes in the box, no guesswork or wondering if X monitor will work with Y video card, simply Plug-n-Trade.

If you have been trading with only one or two monitors and you are ready to move to an enterprise level setup, one that even the “professional” trader would be jealous of, this is your system.




Quad Displays

What is the most important factor in your trading method?  Most likely it is the information that you have available.  Our Four Monitor Array will help you make better trading decisions and increase efficiency.  This system includes four 19″ flat panel LCD displays, free standing desk stand, and two high powered NVIDIA or AMD video cards.

intel-core-i7Killer Speed

Running the Intel® Core i7 processor might be considered overkill. The Core i7 is Intel’s most advanced processor. Should you choose you could run RealTick, TerraNova, IB, and multiple stock scanners, all at the same time.

DDR2 Ram

Tons of Memory

More RAM means less drag. 8GB of RAM (or more) will have you running every application you need without the snail like response.  Graphs, trading software, browsers, and scanners will all work in unison without slowing your system to a crawl. Also the 4 Monitor system includes a 1TB Hard Drive or 128GB SSD, your choice!

Lots of Extras

We have you covered on peripherals!

  • On board wireless networking (802.11b/g/n)
  • DVD±R/±RW + CD-R/RW Dual Layer Drive
  • USB Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse
  • Microsoft® Windows 7 with upgrade to Windows 10!


Price: $3,050 –  Includes all of the above, Simply Plug-n-Trade.


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