Six Monitor SystemStudies have shown that a trading system with six monitors provides the optimal day trading environment. Additional monitors add clutter and distraction.  Our premium system has been designed to help you become a professional day trader.  This is the fastest, most powerful, and efficient system on the market today.  Our top of the line Six Monitor Day Trading System will massively expand your ability to trade and digest information.  No other setup is paralleled in speed, memory, or design!  You will be the envy of your trading friends. Everything you need comes in the box, no guesswork or wondering if the parts will work, simply Plug-n-Trade!

Serious computing power for serious day traders.



Six LCD Displays

The possibilities are endless with this quantity of displays. No more sacrificing certain information because it would take too long to find, you can have graphs, streaming CNBC, browsers and trading platforms all running on separate screens.  Our Six Monitor Setup includes Six 19″ flat panel LCD displays, high strength desk clamp monitor stand, and three high powered NVIDIA or AMD video cards.

Core 2 Duo

Fast as Light

Now running the Intel® Core i7 , this system is sure to impress you with its perfect response time.  Trades will be executed faster, information will be seen quicker, and money will be made sooner.  The Core i7 is Intel’s flagship processor.

DDR2 Ram

Ridiculous Amounts of Memory

We worked hard to slam 16GB of RAM into this system!  There is almost nothing you can do that will bring your system to even a modest slow down. Whether you are viewing tons of graphs or editing HD Video, this system was built for it. Run Graphs, trading software, browsers, VOIP applications, Video Editing, and Music Players all in simoultaneously without slowing your system. You will also receive a 1TB Hard Drive running at 7200 RPM which means you’ll be able to store HUGE amounts of data and files – you can also choose an SSD if you desire more speed!

Lots of Extras

We have you covered on peripherals!

  • On board wireless networking (802.11b/g/n)
  • DVD±R/±RW + CD-R/RW Dual Layer Drive
  • USB Multimedia Keyboard and  Mouse
  • Microsoft® Windows 7


Price: $4,210 –  Includes all of the above, everything is Plug-n-Trade.


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